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Our daily thoughts about things going on around us.

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    Our Thoughts

    Wednesday, December 14, 2005
    I recently was reading a blog that I frequent, and this person called out all the "lurkers". So now I feel it is time to do the same here. It is time for you all to speak up. Now I am also guilty of "lurking", but I started tonight with her post about this, and started jumping in there with everyone else, and left a comment. But don't just do it here, start trying to do it everywhere you "lurk". Have a great night, and I look forward to seeing who all pops in to say hello.

    Hi Kim - Thanks for de-lurking yourself to my blog, and I'm flattered to see I'm on your blogroll.  


    YOu are very welcome. I have found so many blogs that I enjoy reading on a daily basis. I actually found yours tonight through another that I read daily. Great stuff, and thanks for stopping by.  


    Who'd have know you read the turd I write?
    Now I gotta go put up a link for y'all.  


    I actually enjoy "the turd you write". It is quite the mixture of being very serious, and at the same time being very hilarious.  


    I am a lurker.  


    I just popped by! I don't lurk! I NCIS!  


    Well then this wasn't aimed at you. This is mostly for those that come in and read on a daily basis, and just nod in agreement/disagreement with what is being said, and just carry on with there day. This isn't for those who just popped in today. Although all feed back is welcomed here.  


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